IMS Treatment ChartBasic Information Panel

IMS EVO allows the entire patient chart to be maintained electronically, eliminating a paper treatment chart and allowing for paperless operation. The electronic chart consist of two side, a front side and a back side.

  • Date of Appointment
  • Procedure Code
  • Outcome
  • Office (for systems with multiple office)
  • Doctor and Dental Assistant
  • Arch Wire
  • Elastics
  • Treatment Notes
  • Time In
  • Seated
  • Time Out
  • Damaged Appliances
  • Patient Cooperation
  • Total Assistant Time Total
  • Total Doctor Time Total

IMS Treatment Chart Account Information Panel

The treatment chart was designed to give the feel of a Windows desktop, allowing dragging and dropping of images, emails, and almost any type of document into a patients chart. The key to managing the chart is the ability to categorize each type of entry. Each type has a different icon and color which allows quick identification on the chart. Filtering chart entries allows quick accesses to information. For example, filtering by Letters would display ONLY letters that have been sent to this patient, hiding any other information temporarily.

Any treatment notes entered on the chart can be categorized and "highlighted" to indicate the type of note. For example, green could be used to indicate a note about a conversation about payment.

This provides a very convenient way to organize all information for each patient.

The lower section of the treatment chart contains a customizable panel. Each patient can have a different default panel. The types of panels include:

IMS Treatment Chart Image Thumbnail Panel

  • Basic Patient Information (various dates related to treatment)
  • Accounting
  • Patient Notes
  • Images (IMS images as well as any of the imaging companies that IMS integrates with)
  • Diagnostic Information (ITRAC information entered during the initial exam)
  • Treatment Plan Information(narrative or graphical)

At the bottom of the chart is a status bar, the contents of the status bar will change based on the information being displayed in the custom panel. For example, if the basic patient information is being displayed, financial information will be show in the status bar. Changing the status bar allows for the maximum amount of patient information to be displayed at any one time.