Classic OnDeck Screen

Running a Papperless Practice requires efficient patient flow.  Utilizing the IMS On-Deck System allows both doctor and staff to knows which patients require attention, and in what order.  When finished at a chair the On-Deck screen automatically updates the order of patients to be seen.

Information visible at a glance are:

  • Appointment procedure code, number of units, chair and time
  • Signed in status (early or late)
  • Check in time, seated time and total wait time
  • Patient first and last name (nickname if available)
  • Elastic tie colors (chosen when the patient signed in)

Besides controlling patient flow, the On-Deck Screen allows for the tracking of valuable appointment information. The practice can keep an exact record of the amount of time both doctor and assistants have spent with each patient. Tracking is achieved with a "Doctor In" button when beginning and a "Doctor Finish" button when completed.  Assistant time can be tracked in similar manner.

Quick access is provided to treatment charting, appointment scheduling and other treatment related function of the software.

OnDeck Pane

The On-Deck Pane provides ALL the function of the classic On-Deck Screen in a compact easy to use pane that can be displayed and monitored while any of the other practice management screens are being used.  Each of the features that are accessed by buttons on the classic On-Deck Screen are available with a simple right click.

By utilizing the data tracked by the On-Deck system IMS EVO is able to generate reports that help with:

              • Model Day template design
              • Allocation of doctor time for each procedure in the practice
              • Analysis of profitability for different case types
              • Assistant performance (down to each individual type of procedure)

Utilization of the On-Deck system improves patient flow and decreases the amount of time looking for treatment charts and digital images, allowing more time to be dedicated to direct patient treatment.