IMS EVO has the most advanced insurance features in the industry.  In the past, insurance has been a problem for most practices.  Suppose, however, that you could accept an assignment of benefits and do the paperwork automatically (using system generated paper forms) , and/or electronically.  Using IMS EVO, money can be collected from the insurance company faster than from the patient!  And, the ability to deduct the insurance benefit from the payment plan increases case acceptance. We support integration with both Renaissance, and Lindsay Technical Consultants.  Once claims are filed Tracers & EOB’s can be automatically generated, “Past Due” insurance accounts can be monitored, and you are constantly informed of any outstanding claims. IMS’ system can handle more insurance accounts for each patient than you’ll EVER need.

IMS EVO's open item insurance tracking features:

  • An insurance reference account is created to keep the insurance accounting separate from the patient portion to enable detection, at any time, if the insurance is behind.  The system will track up to 9 of these accounts.
  • When the patient is brought up, anywhere in the system, to schedule an appointment, post a payment, or look up information, both the insurance portion due and the patient portion due  are shown.  They are never separated. 
  • When a statement is sent, the patient is shown what the insurance company still owes,  reminding them that they remain responsible.
  • The initial insurance form can be generated on a laser printer, in several different formats, and printed out on plain paper.  All the pertinent data, including diagnostic information, is automatically printed in the insurance form. 
  • When the insurance claim is generated, it is held in suspense as an open claim until payment is received.  This allows printing of a follow-up list of all open claims.
  • The fact that an insurance form has been generated is posted to the financial history. 
  • A window pops up when a payment is made to the insurance account, showing all open claims and making it easy to closeout the appropriate claim.
  • Each month, the system scans the insurance accounts to see which companies owe a payment next month.  If a monthly or quarterly continuation of treatment is required, it is automatically generated by running the insurance billing program.
  • IMS EVO also permits the filing of all insurance claims, electronically.  The proceeds from electronically filed claims can even be automatically deposited in the doctor's account.