The most widely-used tool for capturing visual information, on a computer, is an imaging system.  Since 1993, IMS has become well known for its integration with these systems.  However, many dental specialists have not purchased an imaging system because of cost ($5,000 - $50,000) and/or space limitations.  Still, most dentists would like to enjoy the many benefits of having photographs, and other images, in their computerized practice management software.

IMS Digial Camera Import

To provide a simple, cost effective, yet powerful solution, IMS developed the ImageScan scanning system.  ImageScan allows for the use of a digital camera to take snapshots of the patient during the initial exam or a complete facial and intra oral layout.   ImageScan also uses an optical scanner to scan x-rays, old photographs, or treatment charts. 

The  seamless interface allows you to get images directly into the IMS software.  With ImageScan, you are not required to exit to a separate system, or to use separate software.  Scan a photo, or other image, and it will be immediately available for viewing, or for insertion into letters or other documents.

IMS Scanner Import

Patients can be sent home with a letter containing full color digital images!  The ImageScan scanning system can be used to create all the necessary visual records to allow operation of a Paperless Practice. (If you require cephalometric analysis, growth analysis or morphing take a look at a complete imaging system)