Most practices cite improved patient and professional communications as one big reason for using a management system.  IMS EVO has the most powerful and easiest to use letter system of any orthodontic practice management system.  IMS EVO also has the most comprehensive systems of pre-written letters available.  For standard letters, the staff is not required to learn an external word processor, such as Microsoft Word - everything is fully controlled within the program at the touch of a key.  Each document may be printed immediately, previewed on the computer screen, sent to the queue or emailed directly to the recipient.  All correspondence is stored as a permanent record on the patient's treatment chart in a viewable\printable PDF format.

Using the ImageScan scanning system, or a third party imaging system, images along with diagnostic\treatment information can be merged into the letter or document in a way that makes it look like you dictated the letter.

IMS EVO allows such letters to be produced automatically and unattended!

Here is a sample of the type of letters that IMS includes:

Word Preview