IMS provides a very configurable appointment scheduling system that allows each doctor to design model days with the times, procedures and chairs to fit their needs.  IMS EVO’s Thinking Scheduler utilizes doctor time scheduling and allows for any number of chairs, multiple doctors and multiple locations.  Color coding for procedures is viewable on each and every screen allowing extremely fast browsing.  Appointments may be scheduled easily in seconds from any workstation on the network, simultaneously for any day, chair and time.  Appointment slips with school excuses, financial statements, treatment status or tailored notes may be generated at any time from any location.

Scheduling Appointment List Screen

Upon entering the Thinking Scheduler, the initial screen provides an immediate list of each and every procedure that is still available for the next five (5) days.  If any of the appointments listed are acceptable, you are only a click away from selecting it for a patient.  This feature is unique to IMS EVO’s Thinking Scheduler, and can save valuable time as your days get booked up with appointments.

Schedule Day Screen

For those seeking to see everything in your schedule, the Schedule Day screen can be utilized to show the entire day.  In this mode, each procedure still available is designated by the color associated with that procedure.  If times are blocked out or patients are scheduled, those slots will be black and white so that they are not to be confused with appointment slots still available.  Patient names will appear when appointments are taken. Also unique to IMS EVO’s Thinking Scheduler is the ability to flip the role of color when viewing a day or week.  By doing so, the appointment slots are colored for those which are scheduled rather than available.   This allows for you to get an idea on how your days or weeks are shaping up as to which appointments are scheduled.

The IMS EVO Thinking Scheduler sets itself apart from all other appointment scheduling systems in the orthodontic industry with the advanced concepts of builds, divides, substitutions and equivalents.  Utilizing these techniques the Thinking Scheduler is able to optimize availible schedule time automatically.  Builds allow the system to combine a number of smaller procedures to make longer, harder to find appointments.  Divides provide the opposite ability, larger procedures that have not be filled can be broken down into smaller more common appointments to provide more options to patients AND optimize doctor and staff time.  Substitutions allow the Thinking Scheduler to decide when and where to substitue different appointment types into a slot where they were not originally designed to be.  Finally equivalents allow the switching of like time procedures.  Although it appears the computer is doing the thinking, these are simply parameters you, the administrator, decide on before building your schedule.  By doing so, the Thinking Scheduler will keep your doctor time intact without the end-user being required to make split decisions with every appointment they schedule.  

Schedule Appointment Chain ScreenAppointment Chaining is another unique feature.  Chaining allows up to 3 appointments to be scheduled for a single patient at one time.  Each of the appointments will maintain the configured interval between appointments automatically.  This allows offices to find the most difficult appointment first and fill in the easier appointments.  Once all appointments are selected the click of one button will schedule ALL appointments, if there are any conflicts (someone else in the practice has schedule an appointment in your time slot), NO appointments will be made.  The IMS EVO appointment chaining feature eliminates the need to make notes and flip around in your schedule to make a series of appointments!

Schedule Week ScreenThe View Week screen allows you to glance at all the available procedures for an entire week.  Again the procedures will be color coded with their respective color.  This is a powerful feature which allows you to get a better perspective on how your week is shaping up.

Utilizing IMS EVO's Thinking Scheduler, you will never lose a patient in the appointment shuffling.  At the end of each day, the program presents you with a list of patients who have not been checked out.  You are then presented a check out screen for each of those patients so that you can mark the appointment as failed, cancelled or needs an appointment.  While checking out the appointment, fees can be assessed, correspondence can be generated and treatment stages can be updated.  These processes  can also be automatically driven either when a new appointment is made, or when the appointment is checked out on the day of.  When finished checking out the patients, the system will then produce failed appointment and needs appointment reports.