Electronic Charting

IMS Digital Office allows the entire patient chart to be maintained electronically,  eliminating a paper treatment chart.  Some of the key features of the treatment chart include:

  • Notepad with mini word processorTreatment Chart
  • Predefined appointment comments 
  • Access to ALL digital images  
  • Colorized or highlighted notes
  • Infinite notes
  • Access from any workstation
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment Plan
  • Word Processing 
  • No more pulling, filing, or losing patient charts


With IMS Digital Office all patient records are at your fingertips.  Using the ImageScan Scanning System, or IMS' multi-faceted imaging program, you can input facial views, intra orals, x-rays, models, or virtually anything else, into the system.  Those records can then be displayed on the screen with the click of the mouse. The workstation at the chair can become a motivational and presentation tool!


IMS Digital Office allows you to access your patients models as 3D digital models.  There no longer is a need for plaster models.  Creating these digital models are easy,  simply send an impression and a wax bite to OrthoCad ,  high quality digital models are then uploaded to the doctor via the internet.  To manipulate these models you simply use OrthoCad's FREE software.  Measurements normally made on plaster models can now be made on electronic models.  These modes can then be  e-mailed to anyone.


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Correspondence with the referring dentist and patients and / or parents is quick and easy. Standard letters can be created and put into the IMS system. At the push of a button a letter is generated with variables specific for the individual patient automatically entered by the IMS Digital Office system, as well as appropriate images can be included in any letter.
[ G. Fred Siersma, D.D.S.,M.S. ]