On-Deck Features

Classic OnDeck ScreenBesides controlling patient flow, the on-deck screen provides the doctor and staff with other valuable information and functions. The practice can maintain an exact record of the amount of time the doctor and assistant spend with each patient. Charting, scheduling and all other functions of the software are easily accessed from the On-Deck screen.


The screen indicates whether the patient signed in early or late, whether the patient has been waiting too long, the chair seated in (if seated), the procedure scheduled for and the “elastic tie colors” (chosen when the patient signed in).  With this system, the doctor knows which chairs require his/her presence, and in what order.  When he/she is finished at a chair, that fact is relayed to the On-Deck screen, automatically updating the order of patients to be seen. One interesting feature is that the practice can maintain an exact record of how much time the doctor spends with each patient. This is achieved by the doctor selecting the "Doctor In" button when beginning with the patient and the "Doctor Finish" button when done.  Assistant time can be tracked in the same way.

OnDeck Pane


The ondeck pane provides ALL the function of the classic OnDeck Screen in a compact easy to use pane that can be displayed and monitored while any of the other system screens are being used.  Each of the features that are accesed by button on the classic OnDeck Screen are availible with a simple right click.


By utilizing the on-deck system, the reporting system is capable of producing reports which can rate the performance of each assistant, for every procedure done in the practice. In addition, statistics are available to help with “Model Day” design, and to calculate the profitability of each type of “Case” started & finished.


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Correspondence with the referring dentist and patients and / or parents is quick and easy. Standard letters can be created and put into the IMS system. At the push of a button a letter is generated with variables specific for the individual patient automatically entered by the IMS Digital Office system, as well as appropriate images can be included in any letter.
[ G. Fred Siersma, D.D.S.,M.S. ]